While learning how to use React was still pretty much putting me in my stretch zone, I came to a bit of a haul when I had to incorporate Redux to it. Going to write about a few pointers that I learnt so I can understand it better myself.

What does Redux do?
Let’s talk about redux and why do we use it in React. Without going into details about react, we know that React consists of parent and child components. But it could also have siblings, cousins and other components where you will constantly need to pass props. That would…

For my final portfolio project, I had to create an application using the create-react-app command in the terminal. I am going to talk about what I learnt while I was doing this.

At first, React seems complicated, it’s a jump from what you are normally used to and all that information seems like a lot. But as with all other things in code and in life, practice is what helps you in getting the hang of it. Not just that, after a while I was actually quite impressed with how they came up with React. …

The more you get into programming, the more you see or read javaScript code. It’s one of the most widely used languages out there and rightfully so! It really does have so much to it that I feel like I probably learnt only 20% of it in my phase 4 of Flatiron School.

Let’s cut straight to what I found most interesting.

I had always seen fetch being used and I only had a vague idea of what it is prior to making my application.
We need to connect our backend (I used Rails) with our frontend.
This is where…

For Phase 3 of Flatiron School, we had to build an application using Rails as backend. I think this was when I finally understood just how powerful Rails actually is. It really gives you a whole lot so you can actually focus on the application you are building on instead of thinking about the tiniest workings of your code.

I built a project that I like to call Space World where I seeded the data from an external API that NASA was quick enough to share with me. I am absolutely in love with space and will not miss the…

Our most recent project from Flatiron School required us to create a web page that had a form in it using Sinatra. This was probably the first time I felt like a programmer because of all the web pages we had to create. It was super exciting and I want to share what I learnt through this project.

First things first, you need a file structure. I used the corneal gem that basically creates this and also adds a lot of other sinatra related code that I will explain later.

The basic file structure you actually need is as follows…

I created a CLI project using Breaking Bad’s API and would like to go over the things I learnt while making this project. (Note: Breaking Bad is one of my favorite tv shows ever, I was super pumped when I found it’s API)

Let’s talk about working with APIs using Ruby as the programming language.

Before I start, let me briefly describe what is an API? Application Programming Interface (API) is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. …

Let me start off with something interesting; I moved to the US only this January. Prior to that, I used to live in Saudi Arabia with my family and prior to that I was studying in India. So after my schooling in Saudi Arabia, I moved to India for my Bachelors degree in commerce and then went ahead to do Masters in Business Administration (Finance).

The point of saying all this is that then I never much thought about what I’m passionate about or do I even enjoy the field I am pursuing. I just did it because we have…


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